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The First Step to Any Change

Have you ever wanted to change something in your life and didn’t know where to start?  When you think about it it’s impossible to change something if you’re not aware of it, don’t notice it, or don’t realize you’re doing it. That’s why the first step to any kind of personal change is awareness.

Awareness is more than acknowledging something. True awareness happens when we’re able to catch ourselves doing something as though we’re a witness to ourselves. When we begin to pay attention to how our body feels when we’re stressed or worried, or how we clutch the steering wheel of the car when we’re anxious about driving, we’re on our way to being able to change it.

If you catch yourself telling yourself that you don’t want to go to a party because people will be judging or secretly criticizing you, you can begin to realize that those fears are just that—fears—and they’re not true. And you may go a step further and realize that by not going to the party you’re allowing your anxiety to win and get stronger. By making the choice to go to the party you’re beginning to change the pattern of avoidance and anxiety in your life.

Awareness gives us a choice and choice makes change possible.

AHLways consider: By noticing what’s going on inside you, physically, mentally, and emotionally, as though you’re a witness to yourself you’re on the road to changing it.

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